My Best Friends Wedding

2006 was a new years to remember, the new year’s that Tash met Tom,

Also the New years of my first kiss, that nearly made me vom,

But that aside, I could tell my best friend was smitten,

Swooning like tomorrow and bouncing around like a kitten,

From the start I just knew, a true love was emerging,

And I remember being quite bitter as I was still a v....ery bitter young woman.

Tash would tell me all about him as we revised for business studies,

And even now after all the years that we have been buddys,

I reminisce upon the time that Tom first called me Chels,

And thinking what a fabulous couple, that and nothing else.

I still love to listen about how they make each other laugh,

And yesterday as I was pampering myself for today in the bath,

I thought about how refreshing it is to see two people this day in age,

Devote themselves to one another, just like the olden days.

It’s uncommon for people to do it, just how our grandparents did,

Instead its Jeremy kyle, or changing our facebook status to ‘it’s complicated.’

So raise your glasses to Tash and Tom Cloud, so close to our hearts,

May they live happy forever, and til death do they part.

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