Young, single and ready to.....think of the many good reasons there are for being just this!

How I really feel about being single.

I feel good. I feel better. I have no paranoia or anxieties. I don’t get all pissed off and bitchy when the guy I’m seeing or whatever it is these days, ‘likes’ the profile picture of the pretty girl with longer hair than me. I don’t have to make plans that evolve around his plans. 

I don’t get upset when the plans we make don’t go to plan. There are no plans, there is no ‘we’. The only plans are my own pressureless plans that I may or may not go ahead with. I don’t have to worry about him not texting me back quick enough.

I don’t have to read into said texts without x’s on the end. I don’t feel the need to look my best all the time, or to sneak out of bed in the mornings to fix my hair or re-apply the makeup I wore to bed the previous night. (Gross) I don’t have to worry about what his friends and family might think, what my friends and family might think.  

I have fantastic nights out with my fellow non-relationship-ee’s. I don’t have to worry about what he’s up to. I don’t look to the future as much and panic about whether or not we will last forever. I live in the now, in the present and welcome any opportunists and opportunities that fly my way. 

I am not made to feel silly, insecure or insignificant. I write more, read more, speak more. I have a little more cash to myself. I have a lot more time to myself. A lot of girls go on about the sexual side of things when they are single; ‘I haven’t had sex in sooooo long,’ but ask yourself? Do you really miss it? I think the porn industry has kinda ruined it for us and we just kinda get used; we might as well be blow up dolls the way some chaps go at us. (Sordid I know but so true and perhaps another blog for another time.) 

But seriously, I don’t miss that. I can live without it, but everyone is different. And different, that’s how I feel being single. I feel different, in a good way. There is so much pressure to make a relationship work in a generation where we too often see them fail, and the removal of that pressure when you become/are single, is such a weight off your mind and heart. Sometimes, my inner voice ridicules my external self; ‘24 years old and you’ve never had a relationship last longer than a year, useless!’ But then I take a look at the list I have just devised in this post, and think – well, it’s not a bad thing. 

Perhaps it is the type of chap I am drawn to that has got me here today, and I am not saying that all relationships result in some of the disadvantages I have listed, but I am sure, in all of us singletons, there are ways we can celebrate being single. And I don’t mean so we can go out on the pull and take Joey Essex doppelgangers home to our parents’ house for a one night only special guest appearance; I mean for US, and just for us. Being single is not a bad thing, and if I, Miss ruddy Moan-a-lot, can find more than one positive advantage to ridin’ solo as some refer to it, then it must be okay.

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