You are invited to a not-so-surprising party!

This is one of the many annoyances that niggles me about the Facebook Phenomenon. It turns you into a prowler, stalking every person, every picture and every event. We continuously click the refresh button to see if anything may have happened in the last five minutes you previously checked. This can ruin lots of things for lots of people, my focus today: a 'surprise party.' Who for one thing, organises a surprise party over Facebook? You know, you're doing the browsing thing and you see half of your cyber friends are all attending a surprise fancy dress party. You get all flustered and green eyed..'hey, why am I not invited?' Because it's your ruddy Birthday Party that's why. Surprise! The excitable shriek you give at the computer desk is much more impressive then the 'oh my god I seriously had no idea about this, really none at all honest' one you had to continuously rehearse before the party. As you make your way around the group of people, you seem to recognise faces through their facebook defaults and their 'webnicknames.' Oh look it's Shiela 'Shorty' Wells, looking exceptionally different from her 'dp.' Must have been the wonders of photoshop. Oh and Martin 'Jaegerbomb' Mason, 'Thankyou for co...' woahh, he falls to the floor quicker than he knocked back the shot! 'Oh my, and Dad!! What are you doing here? You don't even have Facebook you silly twat! '

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