How did you know he was the one Grandma?

Whatever happened to meeting the love of your life at sixteen? There is nothing more lovely to look at then an old couple arm in arm or holding the hands of one another that have been admirably linked for over five decades. Of course, the grip might not be as stern as it used to be, and the walking pace is a slow hobble rather than a racey kiss chase (dentures people!), but the love is certainly not frail or weak.
It has become an event as rare as the eclipse to see a couple, happy, loyally married with children and a cat. It has become a once in a blue moon rarity to settle down with the boy you met in Science class who doesn't think twice about having Chemistry with anybody else. And you'd have to go to mars and back to witness a fellow courting a lovely fair lady, holding the door open, holding her hand, and holding his breath as he pays for the restaurant bill. It is out of this world, and even further out of this generation.
Why is it that our Grandparents, our Grandparents parents, and our Grandparents parents parents could do it, yet in this century we continue to con the idea of a perpetual relationship with a fungible failure at falling in love.
The only connections we have are with err whats his name from that umm bar the other night.
The one that called you Sheila instead of Charlotte, but he did say your eyes were nice. And instead of meeting the parents, it's meeting the Y-fronts. And instead of getting down on one's getting down on all fours. And well, yeah you know the rest. Drunken one night stands seem to be the trend in contemporary life, we seem to get to know the worst of each other before the best (or the other way round infact!) That's not how our Grandparents did it, na-uh, they didn't need to drink excessively to the point where they forget their courtees name (or their own.)Surely if you really love somebody, you shouldn't have to ruin yourself with intoxins in order to make you less nervous. You should be comfortable enough to just be you, and I'm pretty sure whats why G-ma and G-pa are still arm in arm today.

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