The Local Celebrity ... I'm not talking about Hugh Fernely Whittingstall

In a nutshell. He is a lovable and ladylike lad. Trying to gather a serious response from him  has proved both difficult but highly amusing. I ask him his religious views, for instance, the delay and trademark smirk definitely imply what is to come. He throws at me a witty reply of ‘packing fudge’, that he seems unusually proud of. And his political stance? Lets just say he puts the Party in Labour Party.

After living in Devon for fifteen years, he is still able to praise and appreciate the Countryside and the occasional dip in the local river, but much prefers the business and the excitement of city life, especially at night time. But do not judge this drum and bass enthusiast; ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ is not only his favourite film but an all time inspiration. He can converse for hours about sea life and possesses two keen ambitions; the less likely being to train sea horses to ‘do a little dance’ and the second ambition circles the idea of being a marine biology student. ‘It’s just finding the motivation and the money to do it’ he complains, and for a moment I realise I may be about to hear a serious opinion from the witty idealist. ‘Maybe if the government scrapped those err…intuition fees.’ Well, It was close.

Born on the 1st of February 1988, it is evident the attributes of his star sign Aquarius most certainly shine, his individuality for example, his ability to debate and put forward passionate opinions and the most inspiring characteristic being his aptitude to be liked and admired by all. Modest too of course, he agrees with his own statement of being quite the community’s idol. It’s not the fact he does his hair better than Toni or Guy ever would, that draws your attention. Nor is it his unique colour clashing clothing. Surprisingly, even his overwhelming height doesn’t seem to bat many eyelids. And believe me at 6’’4 you’d think the town would be rather threatened by this inimitable individual (The only aspect the female population are intimidated by are how fantastic his legs are for a man.) What draws you in is his kind, generous and good-hearted nature, friendly to everyone and anyone in his town.

His favourite television programmes heighten his sharp witty repartee. Ranging from Family guy to Scrubs, he most certainly reflects the humorous nature of characters, a more outspoken and attentive John Dorian for instance, or an improvingly handsome and toned Peter Griffin. If that’s possible. Music can range from Drum and Bass, to get him boogeying, or Bill Withers to get him ballading. Everything is fun about this chap, and when asked his motto in life, expectedly he replies ‘to have fun.’

As I draw to a close, I ask him his dislikes. In his caring nature, he replies ‘people that do not help others.’ A thought crosses my mind of which type of help he is emphasising here. Is it advisory help? Medical help? Or is he demoting those who lack the ability to tell others that their side-parting looks better on the left, the blue shirt looks better then the black shirt, leather is so last month, and yes your behind does look big in that.

My best friend and my hero, my agony uncle and my dance partner, I feel privileged to have befriended the local celebrity, When asked about the future, his only goal is to continue leading a fulfilling and adventurous life. You learn something new everyday with this character, I most certainly do. The most recent and all time favourite being the fact he is adamant his dying words will be ‘Over and out…’

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