I tried to write a review once....

Situated in the newly developed Princesshay, the café allows you to envy shoppaholics and admire the unspoiled urban area. Forget all you can eat, Costa is all you can sit. Outside you can people watch and inside you can admire the coffee coloured contemporary décor; browns and dark reds compliment the coco canvasses printed with some quite interesting quotes about Coffee. With an additional and more relaxed seating area downstairs, (this might be because customers, like me, are uneasy on the idea of carrying trays of coffee down a flight of stairs) , customers and spoilt for choice.

And not just in the menu of seating arrangements, Costa provides a wide range of different drinks and even entitles you to customise your own coffee. A skinny vanilla latte if you are watching your figure, or a death by hot chocolate complete with marshmallows and cream, if you are not. The food is as appetising as the coffee, even the simplicities; ham and cheese toasties and ginger nut biscuits both have you scheduling your next visit. And the price? A good cost for a great coffee!

Costa blends sophistication with relaxation, but sometimes this becomes a problem as it is almost too sophisticated.  There is almost a library atmosphere to it; perfect if you want to sit down to talk current affairs with a colleague, or read the guardian in peace, but a shame if you want to gossip with a friend about the weekends antics or what on earth Sarah was thinking when she put on that dress for the staff party.

The service on the other hand is brilliant. Mixing expertise with friendliness, customers only need to visit twice and they’re treated like a regular. The staff always go out of their way to say ‘thankyou’ and ‘have a nice day’, but more importantly, they don’t make you feel bad for choosing to sit downstairs. (Quite a challenge for them during a busy spell, balancing coffees and tuna salad dishes on a tray, trying to find number 26 - the man with the red tie)

I highly reccoment a visit to this café, it most certainly adds to the experience of Princesshay, accentuating its sophistication and service. It ticks all the right boxes.

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